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Mindfulness for Athletic
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Visualization, meditation and mindset strategies with data-driven results.

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Shatter barriers in your mind with groundbreaking techniques?

Welcome to the modern era of visualization.

Foster self-belief and mental adaptability

Overcome emotionally traumatic situations

Break through mental blocks in sports & injuries

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Build confidence from the inside out

For all athletic disciplines

Improve athletic performance with visualization tools, mindset strategies, and data metrics. As a mindfulness performance expert, I collaborate with sports coaches, parents and sports psychologists to help:

Enhance mental focus under pressure

The secret to my clients' success

Its starts with creating a fully specialized mindset strategy based on your goals and issues you are attempting to overcome. This includes tactics for your sport, mental health and home life.

Everything is fully tailored to you and your goals.

Holistic Growth Plans


Visualization Design

Coach collaboration

 Using scientifically proven techniques, personalized visualizations are designed to target multiple challenges in the short- and long-term for emotional regulation and skill development. Clients will also learn to create and adjust their own visualizations.

In collaborate with athletes' coaches and sports psychologists, supplementary tactics and feedback are integrated, ensuring alignment with training objectives across all domains. Coaches also provide insights into mindset strategies, fostering harmony and cohesion.




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As a mindfulness performance expert, I collaborate with coaches and sports psychologists to create holistic growth strategies for each athlete to support their well-being as a whole. My proprietary system ensures consistent progress through daily tracking and accountability based on the individual's short- and long-term goals.  

Individual &
Pair Packages




Personalized Mindset Strategies

Tailored Visualization Design

Weekly Sessions (Remote or in person)

Athlete Accountability Tracking

Referred to as an athlete's secret weapon, these packages are customizable to give athletes a competitive edge in this specialized mental performance training using visualization tools and strategies. Team retainers also available.

For all sport disciplines.

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Text & phone support during training or competitions


• Tailored Mindset Strategy
• Visualization design
• Once a week 35-min session
• 6 Personalized Visualization Recordings
• Additional text or phone support before/during/after competitions
• Holistic Growth Plan


• Tailored Mindset Strategies
• Visualization design
• Once a week 40-min session
• 8 Personalized Visualization Recordings
• Additional text or phone support for training & competitions
• Holistic Growth Plan


Individual & Pair Team Packages. Team retainers also available.



6 week Program

12 week Program

8 week Program

• Tailored Mindset Strategies
• Visualization design
• Once a week 40-min session
• 8 Personalized Visualization Recordings
• Additional text or phone support for training & competitions
• Holistic Growth Plan





clients include: 

Boost your athletes' or coaches' performance with interactive mindset and visualization group sessions. Customize your experience—choose from single classes or series, either online or in-person. Some examples include:

Group Classes

Pick your topics

Preventing burnout

Breaking through mental barriers

visualizations for element success

Adapting to high-stress environments

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And more...

Strategy & planning

Discovery call

We'll delve into current challenges and future objectives for potential clients. I'l discuss my philosophy and way of working to see if it's a mutual fit. My methodology is not for everyone, nor should it be.

Visualization Design

After selecting a package, I customize a strategic plan just for you, incorporating both short-term and long-term tactics to reach your goal. 


Start with a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call and finish with a new sense of self.



My process


Using scientifically-backed techniques, I'll create a series of visualizations to help with emotional regulation and tactical elements,  designed individually for each client.

Data Tracking

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings will focus on implementing tactics and refining your strategy and visualization based on your preferences and progress. 

Competition Check ins

Clients will track a series of variables based on the current struggles they face in a shared note with me. These data points will help guide the direction we continue on or pivot to.

With 6- or 8-week programs, clients will get a competition check in pre- or post-competition to help them get ready for action or reset their mind.


Start with a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call and finish with a new sense of self.



My process


World Competitor 2024

I don't even know if I'd gotten to the competition if it wasn't for the sessions with Christi

What’s valuable about what Christi does, is recognizing that we are not robots. We are people. People naturally just go up and down. You wake up in a pretty much a different mood every day. Your body tends to follow your mind and our sport is massively mental. She gives you different tactics like visualization, mood charts and nonverbal communication tools for different situations that has strengthened my partnership in ice dance. These tools have been helpful to create deeper understanding and communication between my partner and me, allowing us to navigate the challenges of competition as a united front. 

One of the worst things that can happen, happened at probably one of the worst times. But I learned tools through her and only her to be able to actually continue with my life and not let everything amalgamate into a mess. We skated the best ever we ever have and we finished fourth at Junior Worlds. And I don't even know if I'd gotten to the competition if it wasn't for the sessions with Christi in those times. 

Photo credit: @fsphoto_syo

Tyler THames
'23 & '24 US Figure Skating Adult Silver
Men's National Champion 

'22,'23 & '24 US Figure Skating
Midwestern Sectional Silver Men’s Champion 

Christi has been one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life

Working with Christi Powell has been one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life and has also transformed my life for the better. She has become someone that not only I trust but my coaching staff for figure skating has openly stated “continue working with’s working”. Christi has a very profound way of unlocking and guiding certain triggers that may appear, allowing you to work them out in a much healthier way to not only grow in your sport but in your daily life. She has become a valued member of my team in skating but also someone I cherish in my life. If you’re looking for someone you can trust as a safe space in a world of mental fog and someone to be a lighthouse to guide you through it, you’ve found your person. She provides numerous tools to handle and adapt to high stress practices and competitions. I look forward to each session and may more journeys in the future with Christi.  

Jessica Nicosia, Phd
Senior ADULT Skater

Invaluable life lessons and a newfound sense of self-awareness and confidence

I began working with Christi after seeing some of her work with the Road to Gold program. As a researcher and neuroscientist myself, I began reading up on the science behind visualization and was compelled by the evidence to add it to my skating regimen. Christi was quick to get a read on me as an individual and was able to adapt our sessions and her techniques to my specific needs. I went from popping, on average, 4/7 jumps in my program to being able to do consistent run-throughs rotating, on average, 6/7 jumps and leave the ice feeling a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. I rely on her visualization recordings to get me relaxed and focused before I skate and can hear her saying “emotions aren’t logical” and “adapt to the chaos confidently” every time I feel my performance anxiety start to creep back up. Christi is a rose among thorns in the skating world and our sessions together provided me with invaluable life lessons and a newfound sense of self-awareness and confidence.

Rosemary Wensley
Parent of pre-bronze skater

She landed all of her jumps...and finished on the podium

I can't say enough good things about our experience working with Christi. My athlete lost all her doubles, and then kept trying and trying which made things worse, and then led to significant anxiety about jumping. Christi reframed her mindset, reinforced practice strategies, gave her visualization exercises for her jumps and for competitions. This is her first USFS competition of the season, and she landed all her jumps and as an added bonus, finished on the podium.

Emily Hotchkiss
Parent of junior skater

Skills that will help her throughout her entire life

Since Carly began working with Christi, Carly has made huge positive improvements in her mindset and competitions. Carly hated to compete because she’s a perfectionist and would focus on the negative if she didn’t land a jump or mess up on any components of her program. She would have anxiety and cry right before competing and didn’t want to get on the ice…nothing anything said could alleviate her anxiety. Since working with Christi, she has learned visualization techniques and is much less stressed on competition days. In just 1 year, she placed 27th in her excel season and was actually laughing with her coach right before starting her program. As a mother, I’m so relieved to have a coach that can alleviate my daughter’s angst and learn skills that will help her throughout her entire life. I would recommend Christi to any athlete, not just athletes, but to anyone needing a shift in their negative thinking to positive.


It's a game changer

Christi brings a fresh perspective to visualization techniques that empower athletes and enables them to see their goals and what is blocking them from a completely different view. She opens your eyes to thinking about your goals in a different way. As a coach and skating director, I loved watching the athletes discuss everyday concerns . The connection between the athletes and Christi and one another were amazing.

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